This is a blog dedicated to the ordinary people of the past.

I will write short pieces from my research on WW2 to make present to us people who would otherwise be lost.

The insignificant. The unknown. The weak. The powerless. The poor. The marginalised. Those who have, as Antoon de Baets says, “fragile knowability”.

I will gather fragments.The fragments are precious – infinitely precious – and yet so, so fragile.

If they are not gathered, they will be lost.

We have a loving responsibility to all those that have passed before us to gather these fragments, to hold them tenderly and make them present again.

The fragments will tell us stories, and sometimes just these fragments will be enough.

Other times I will narrate the spaces between the fragments.

The stories are deliberately short, episodic, chaotic, unfinished, staccato, just like our lives. For in History there is no end, no neat story with beginning, middle and end and this writing will attempt to reflect this. Sometimes we just don’t know, and we have to learn to love contingency and uncertainty and incompleteness.

This blog is in part inspired by the “Gathering the Fragments” project at Yad Vashem.

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